Activity 2 : Reproduce the image of a painting

  • Observe a painting 
  • Organise yourself to reproduce it: reference points and method
  • Reproduce the painting identically 
  • Responding to routine requirements of tasks
  • The image of the painting  
  • The "frame" sheet to reproduce it
  • Pencil, eraser, ruler, markers

The activity consists of:

Looking carefully at the image and reproducing it identically

This action can be done in teams of 2 or alone.

1- The educator explains the instructions: the aim is to "reproduce an identical image in a given time".

2- The educator chooses or suggests that this action be carried out either by teams of 2 people - or individually.

3- The educator gives the material to each person or team 

- The image and the "frame" sheet to reproduce the image 

- a pencil, an eraser and a ruler.

4- The educator asks them to observe the image for a few minutes and to comment on it.

5- Each team or individual starts to reproduce the image as faithfully and carefully as possible - time limit: 45 minutes.

6 - Once all the reproductions have been made and the material put away, the educator asks each team or individual to evaluate their work. 

 The educator also asks each person to explain how they have organised themselves, either alone or in teams.

7 - Each reproduction made by the teams is placed side by side on the board or on a wall so that each team can come and see the other's work. The educator asks for comments on the whole.

8 - The educator asks what the purpose of such an activity is and what it implies: skills and qualities.

9 - The educator, together with the participants, makes a brief comment on the work and its author (possibility to activate the skills developed in Unit 1: Analysing and processing information).


At the end of the work - step 8:

It is interesting for participants to step back from the activity and look at the skills they have developed.

What was the objective of the activity?

How did each person or team go about carrying out the task?

What skills and qualities are activated?

What is the added value of teamwork? or the added value of individual work?

What is the value of self-evaluation?

The exercise to be done with age mixed groups.