Description:CIEP is the education and training service of the Christian Worker Movement and its constitutive organizations such as the ANMC – Alliance Nationale des Mutualités chrétiennes (+ 4 million members) and the CSC – National Confederation of Christian trade unions (+ 1,5 million affiliates) and JOC youth movement… CIEP is active in the field of training, accompanying and sensitizing of young and adult people in French speaking Belgium part, provides tools and training activities (grassroots education and training) mainly for managers, staff and activists of social organizations, as well as for vulnerable audiences like jobseekers, youngsters, migrants, women…

CIEP fulfill, as a training and cultural movement, a whole range of information, animation, education and training activities about cultural, economic, social and political issues. The main concern of CIEP is empowering individuals and groups by giving them the necessary tools to help them in their engagement as citizens and stakeholders participating in the development of an open multicultural and democratic societies. CIEP developed an expertise in the fields of: social and professional inclusion, multiculturalism issues, land-use planning, local development, entrepreneurship, integration of adults, social tourism, gender equality, social economy and responsible consumption, sustainability


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