he Be creative! Handbook aims to provide in depth information about basic concepts, definitions and innovative methodological approaches for using ART & CULTURE in positive and dialogical ways in the classroom settings and in non-formal and informal learning environments. 

The handbook is a trainers’ guide explaining, amongst other things, how the Training kit (O1) and its resources could be effectively used to assist in the delivery of a coherent programme and includes assessment and evaluation strategies and tips. 

What can you find in our handbook? 

The Handbook provide an insight into the topic including: 

  • Theoretical introduction, approaches and general notions on insertion and integration of vulnerable adults using Art & Cultural activities and techniques, 
  • Conceptual knowledge and methodological support for trainers, 
  • Good practices, successful and inspiring experiences, 
  • Testimonies of users (trainers) and beneficiaries (trainees) of this training during the piloting stage, 
  • Useful information, additional readings and recommendations

We hope you will enjoy reading and working with the Be creative! Handbook! 



  • Chapter 1: Training, art, culture and empowerment of vulnerable groups

  • Chapter 2: Skills needed for vulnerable Adults

  • Chapter 3: Improving Educators’ pedagogical competences

  • Chapter 4: Be Creative! e-Learning Course…a tool for you!

  • Chapter 5: Be Creative! Pathways and portfolio

  • Chapter 6: Evaluation methods

  • Chapter 7: Successful Stories

  • Chapter 8: Testimonies

  • Conclusion