Unit 1 Introduction

The project “Be creative! – Fostering soft skills through cultural activities” aims remobilization and re-socialization of vulnerable adults using the cultural activities, especially live spectacle. The aim is to enhance the soft skills of de-affiliated young people in order to facilitate their social, cultural and professional integration. At the end of the project, beneficiaries should be able to reclaim their life course, identify their needs and expectations and set up specific actions according to the scheme “SEE – JUDGE – ACT”.

The IO1. Be Creative! Training Kit consists of a Curriculum and a useful set of practical activities to assist teachers and trainers (in general, educators) in their practice, learning environments, based on the use of art and culture in the training offer and accompaniment of vulnerable adults, addressing the challenges of integration and inclusion.

The Be creative! Curriculum will support educators in their teaching activities in formal, non-formal and informal settings. It will include pedagogical methods, approaches and materials.

The materials can be adapted to each national context according to the needs and the opportunities as well as available expertise and resources (Theatre, Radio, Video, Documentary, Photography, Exhibitions, etc.). It is available in English, Estonian, French, Norwegian, Spanish, Turkish and Greek.