Topic 6: Demonstrating consideration

In line with the “New Economy” the adult education system requirements encompass:

 1) an individual dimension detailing adult learners’ complex motivations for higher education;

2) an instructional dimension concerning the importance of involved, caring, and tolerantinstructors who respect adult learners and facilitate their growth; and

3) an institutional dimension specifying forms of support adult learners identify as essential for success [2].

Lanford (2021), in his study indicates that a significant counter-narrative to accepted wisdom about adult learners. Even so, future studies should examine adult learners’ motivations, challenges, and preferred forms of support in other institutional environments, especially in four-year institutions. Further research should also investigate the experiences of lives of marginalized adult learners whose lives have been impacted not only by economic and technological shifts and Respect for that process, in addition to an appreciation for the contributions that adult learners can make to the classroom and society, would be a good step toward more effective educational policy[2].

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