Topic 1: What is Supporting Others?

Supporting others consists of ensuring that individuals who lack abilities, competencies, or confidence get constructive, empathetic, or sensitive assistance when they request or demonstrate a need for help. This skill is necessary in all environments surrounding a person: family, friendship, work, sports, etc.

Supporting others is an excellent method to show care to the people around you, be a family member, a friend or a co-worker. Make recommendations to others based on your experience, knowledge and responsibilities. Utilize the following guidelines to assist in guiding your support to others:

−Ask. Before you provide counsel or assistance, be sure if it is something the other person want.

−Be considerate. Avoid passing judgment on the other person and provide friendly and useful advice and assistance.

−Be truthful. Honesty contributes to the effectiveness of the counsel or assistance you provide.

−Listen. Pay attention to what the other person has to say and how they react to your suggestions.

−Collaborate. When offering counsel or assistance, collaborate with the other person to discover a solution to the situation.

−Also, constructive criticism is a kind of counsel that is acceptable and even welcomed in the workplace. Providing constructive criticism to colleagues on their work enables them to develop and may result in increased productivity at work.