Topic 1: What is responding to routine requirements of tasks? 

Being able to meet the routine requirements of a task is a necessary ability to perform any action.

This ability implies:

    • the necessary understanding of the instructions of the task to be performed: what am I being asked to do, have I understood what I am being asked ?
    • ability to organise one’s time and work space to perform the action: according to what I have understood of what I am asked to do, how I am going to organise myself to carry it out, what do I need (equipment?), where do I set up (space), manage my time (execution limit).
    • performing the action, the task: carry out the work requested while maintaining a rhythm to meet the deadline. Be attentive and meticulous.

This TSC requires the use of qualities such as :

  • Observation: space, material, image.
  • Concentration to help memorise the image.
  • Perseverance in effort: as the task may seem repetitive. 
  • Diligence: the task requires precision and attention in its execution.