Topic 1: What is managing and leading others ?

Being able to manage and lead others means being able to involve people in the realisation of a project.

This TSC has two dimensions for the person “identified as a leader” to manage and lead a team.

As a manager, the leader will have to develop an attitude and behaviour based on essential qualities of communication and strategic skills. 

S/he will have to find a way to balance between directive management which is sometimes too authoritarian and participative management which sometimes slows down the project too much. 

The manager is ultimately “at the service” of the project by federating a team and organising the tasks of each team member in a clear and educational manner.

These are the two dimensions to be developed for the leader: 

  1. The implementation and management of the project. The leader is a strategist and visualises the stages of its implementation in order to : 
  • Organise and coordinate everyone’s work in a given space and time.
  • Ensure that the technical and human conditions are met.
  • Manage technical or human contingencies and find solutions – considering the opinion of the collaborators.
  • Check that the project/task is completed as desired.

  • Evaluate with your team: positive points, negative points, areas for progress and improvement, perspectives.

2.motivate them. Ability to unite people. Communicate the stages of the project and the role of each person in a clear and educational way.

  • Encourage everyone to work together and develop collective intelligence (creativity to solve a task or overcome a difficulty).
  • Listen to and consider everyone’s opinions.
  • Take stock of the project’s progress, debrief and readjust if necessary.
  • Make decisions after consulting the team.
  • Regulate in case of tension.
  • Encourage and value each person and the team in the work accomplished.