Topic 1: What is dealing with change

Change is inevitable and accepting change is important because society is ever evolving. It is not possible to stop time, so it is important to adapt. Not all changes are bad, but they can seem so if you resist them. Change can be stressful and frightening, so it is crucial to learn methods of coping with changes.  Some changes are initiated by yourself and some by others, but they can be equally scary, like changing jobs or getting a divorce.

Reasons why change can be scary is:

  • Uncertainty about the future, because you know what you have, not what comes
  • Insecurity about how it impacts my life
  • Anxiety for the unknown

The way you can deal with change is to:

  • Adapt to the circumstances
  • Avoid being paralysed by change
  • Try to embrace change by looking at the positive sides

How to become adaptable?

  • Focus on what is good about this change instead of the negatives
  • Be willing to work on your mindset to adapt to the new situation
  • Accept that there are things that are out of your control
  • Analyse your attitude to change and try to change it if it is negative