Topic 1: What is analysing and processing information?

Being able to analyse and process information is an essential and fundamental skill which enables construction of new knowledge on both content and method, to give the possibility to interact with others and above all to know where one stands including a better understanding of one’s immediate and distant environment.

More specifically:

  • Gain new knowledge
    • Acquire a methodology: observe, explore, collect, sort, compile.
    • Understand information and ask questions.
  • Interact with others:
    • Express his/her opinion (observation, feeling, questioning).
    • Listen to others, integrate into a group.
    • Manage emotions.
  • Situate oneself in one’s environment:
    • Get to know oneself and one’s reactions better; define one’s tastes, opinions, interests
    • Get organised: method and time managemen
    • Put information back in an environment to better understand it
    • Question and reflect beyond the information
    • Make choices
    • Act.