Topic 1: What is analysing and processing information?

Being able to solve problems is essential for successful action. Problem solving can only work once the problem(s) have been clearly identified and analysed. Once the problem has been clearly identified, it is then necessary to think about possible solutions, to be able to think ahead and to get help, if necessary, in order to finally make the right decisions. Problem solving can be done in three steps: 

  1. Identification of the problem
  • Evaluation: analyse and understand the situation by asking questions
  • Formulate the problem clearly
  • Communication: Expressing yourself in clear language 
  1. Problem solving 
  • Imagine possible solutions (test them if necessary)
  • Be creative, use your knowledge to solve the problem
  • Ability to express assertively one’s opinion 
  1. Make decisions
  • Not being afraid to ask help from external partners
  • Personal capacity to question, to review one’s objectives and to be flexible: Agree to backtrack if necessary
  • Ability to make choices
  • Develop or strengthen group spirit and joint decision-making
  • Go step by step, not too fast, nor too slowly