Be creative! project.

Enhancing soft skills while performing – is a part of the European framework of Erasmus+ programme (2020-2022) for adult education / partnerships on Creativity.

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The Project.

The project aims to empower educators and adults in understanding and consequently acting on soft skills, a necessary part of the social and professional integration of young adults. Soft skills are defined as character traits or interpersonal aptitudes that affect the ability to work and interact with others.
Adult educators and teachers can play a central role in providing adult learners with knowledge and practical information, to help them understand the challenges, and act as active citizens in their local communities, individually or collectively.

To do so, from June 2021 until May 2023, partners from 7 European countries (BE, CY, EE, FR, NO, SP & TR) will work on:
1. creating an andragogy method and training resources for the trainers (Users – Training for trainers/counsellors/teachers) to enable them to build participative, empowering and emancipating training sequences using Cultural activities (especially live performance activities and techniques);
2. Once trainers have been trained, they will support vulnerable adults learners (final beneficiaries) in improving and mobilizing their soft skills in order to better integrate them into society.

Three main aspects will be worked on with the final beneficiaries:
1. How to introduce oneself through the performing arts / storytelling… in order to create paper but especially audio / video CVs or even pitchs;
2. Intergenerational work on origins (family, environment, etc.) = work on self-knowledge (one’s essence / one’s assets) and self-confidence for a successful professional orientation / adapted to one’s personality, wishes and strengths.
3. Acquisition of valuable technical skills and creation of a network.
However, a particular focus will be placed on the following soft skills: Communication, Adaptability, Problem solving, Team work, Critical thinking, Conflict resolution and Leadership.